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Wiki Lesson Title: Advertisements

Name of Teacher: Timothy Hull (I do it with a JTE?)

Class Level: High School - low academic upwards

Textbook: None

Goal: To create our own English Advertisements

Preparation: Adverts you want to show the class and items for the students to advertise with.

Class Time: 50 minutes

Prior Note: My average class size is between 20 and 30, so with larger classes you might find that the lesson time becomes too tight. You could easily expand this lesson to two lessons if the need/desire is there, or shorten the lessons earlier activities by reducing the amount of adverts.

1) Firstly introduce the word advertisement and see if they can guess the meaning. Give them some hints (i.e. it means the same as commercial etc..) . (5 minutes)

2) Show them some videos (the number is flexible though I usually use four) of short adverts and have them write down what they are selling and any other question about the advert. At the end have them write down which their favourite was (Just because it's interesting to find out). (~15 minutes as you need time for the second half of the lesson)

3) Now tell the students they are going to create their own advert. Put them in groups of five (As their are five sentences, encourage creativity though) and give each group an item to advertise. Then give them 10 or 15 minutes to prepare by writing the sentences down and practising their own lines. There is a sample advert (A banana) on the sheet that they can see and imitate the style. Make sure to walk around with your JTE and help the groups at this stage. (15 minutes)

4) Finally each group will present their advert to the rest of the class. The groups watching write down what each group is selling and how much it costs. (15 minutes)


Example Items: Japanese/English Textbook, Christmas Tree, Pens, Water bottle, etc. Try to pre-empt what they might write down to check that they are easy to describe.