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Name of Teacher: Ara Mahar

Class/Grade/Language Level: 1st year, all levels

Goal: To get students comfortable with advice phrases and for them to be able to give appropriate advice for various problems.

Preparation: No preparation other than adjusting the worksheets to your needs. File:Advice Worksheet 1.docx, File:Advice Worksheet 2.docx

Class time: 50 minutes

Note: This class is best done right after similar grammar is taught in class by the JTE. This lesson is not designed to teach new grammar, but to review grammar they have previously learned.

PART ONE: Warm-up - Sentence Race (15 minutes)

Before class starts, write the list of words on the board:

Word List
You Had Take The Stomach
I Better Well Hurts Head
My Should Go School Sleep
Home Want To Doctor Medicine
Must Have

Then the ALT will review advice and advice words (you must, you should, you had better). Next, students will move into groups. The ALT will review the words on the board and explain any difficult words with help from the JTE. After that, explain how to play the game. Groups will have 5 minutes to use the words to make as many sentences as they can. They can use each word more than once.

On the board, also write a few example sentences:

  • You had better go home.
  • You should go to the doctor.
  • I want to sleep.
  • My stomach hurts.
  • You do not have to take medicine.

After 5 minutes, the ALT and JTE will check the sentences. For each sentence that is correct, they get one point. The team with the highest score is the winner.

PART TWO: Advice Explanation (15 minutes)

The ALT will do one example on the worksheet with the students, showing them how to match the problem with the advice and the reply. Then, the students will finish the other 4 problems. When they finish, the ALT will review the answers:

1 9 13
2 8 14
3 10 12
4 6 15
5 7 11

PART THREE: Giving Advice (20 minutes)

The ALT will review how to fill out the worksheet,then show an example to the class. Each student will write three problems on their worksheet. Then, they will pass the paper clockwise. The next person will write advice for problem one. Everyone rotates. The next person will write advice for problem two and rotate again. The next person will write advice for problem three. Then, return the papers back to the original person. The original student will then reply with (I will, will not, might). Then the ALT will have certain students read their paper out loud to the class.