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Name of Teacher: Mélina Lomax

Class/Grade/Language Level: 2nd grade mostly Low level

Textbook and specific lesson: Not applicable

Goal: To learn useful airport phrases and words. To practice speaking English

Preparation: Printing out the cards ( Custom Forms ), cutting them and printing out the worksheets ( Airport Worksheet )

Class time: 50 minutes but depending on the class could be done in less time (30 minutes). I`ve also used this after introduction lessons where at the beginning of the lesson I get students to make passports which they keep throughout the year( every time they answer or demonstrate etc. they get stamps and when they get 10 they get a prize).

Introduction: Start by asking if any of the students have ever been abroad and if so where. Tell students that that they must fill in which country they want to go to and why (for lower level classes help by writing examples of I want to see.../I want to eat.../I want to drink... on the board). Once they`ve finished ask a few students to read what they`re written (give stamps to those that demonstrate).
Translation: Explain that these are a few key phrases that they will need to know when going on a plane so they can go abroad. Read the phrases aloud and get students to translate them into Japanese. Check their answers.
Dialogue: Demonstrate the dialogue and get students to repeat. Explain that all of the students will be given custom form cards and how to use them. Check understanding. Write a list of purposes (that are on the cards) on the board, explain what they mean and get students to repeat. Give out the custom form cards to the students and ask them to go around practicing the dialogue with the cards. (After helping the students that need pronouncing names this is generally a good point for the ALT and JTE to also take cards and go around asking students). If there is time pick or ask for volunteers to demonstrate (give stamps).

Note: Depending on which cards you use (there are currently 20 male cards and 29 female ones), the purposes that come up are: Leisure, Education, Business, Tourist, Education trip, Sightseeing and Academic. When writing on the board you can also write which phrases should be used for each e.g. on business, for leisure, as a tourist...