All First-Year English Skit Contest (1st year, all levels)

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Name of Teacher: Yuichi Yoshida & Toshi Erb

Class/Grade/Language Level: All first year high school students/varying levels of English

Textbook and specific lesson: no text

Goal:Allow the students to express themselves creatively and artistically through skit performances.

Preparation: 4-5 classes including the final presentation

Class time: Entire class...

My brilliant JTE and I decided to have an all 1st year English skit contest. Instead of teaching generic oral communication lessons to the students, we felt that it would be a nice change of pace for the students to use their knowledge of English through performing skits. Woohoo!

As you can see, preparation for this contest takes a long time but we feel it is a worthy and fun investment. We dedicated the first class introducing the contest and choosing groups. The second and third classes were used for preparation, including brainstorming for ideas and script writing and translations. The fourth class was used as a “final” dress rehearsal or extra preparation if needed. The last class is the final performance.

After the final in-class performance, the best skit from each class would move onto the grand finale to compete in the all 1st year contest. We would use our long home room to hold this performance and use the students to judge, etc.

Eventually, we want to turn this into an annual event and include other high schools in the city, such as Toryo and Daiichi. Since these three schools have annual English camps and skit contests of their own, we thought it would be a great opportunity for each school to come together and perform with each other. Eventually, I would love to see this contest include any interested students from any school.

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