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Name of Teacher: Sara Ramirez

Class/Grade/Language Level: 4th grade

Textbook and specific lesson: Let’s Try 2! Unit 6 Lesson 2 Alphabet

Goal: Students will become familiar with the alphabet as the students will repeat the alphabet several times in song and in games.

Preparation: Lowercase alphabet cards (several sets)

Class time: 45 minutes

Warm Up (Greetings, Day, and Weather)

1. Review alphabet from a-z.

2. Let’s Chant ABC Song

3. Select three letters for the students to look for in the picture in Unit 6.

Have some students present where they found the letter (e.g. s)

4. Game

Group the students into 4 or 5 students. Each group will get three full sets of lowercase letters. Students will shuffle all the cards. The students will be dealt 5 cards each (students should have duplicates). One student with the letter ‘a’ will start. The student will claim that they have the letter ‘a’ and put the card faced down, Going clockwise, the next student will have to to put a card down. They can put down as many cards as they want but the student has the state that it is the letter ‘b”. “It’s b” or “Two b’s” if the student puts down two cards. If other group members don’t believe that the student has the letter they can call the student out by saying “not b” . The student who called out the group member with the turn for letter ‘b’ risks it being the truth. In that case, the group member who called out the student with letter ‘b’ must take all the cards in the middle. If the student did lie and didn’t have the letter ‘b’, then that liar must take all the cards in the middle. The student with the least number of cards when the group get to the letter ‘z’ wins.

5. Reflection