Animal Race (ES/JHS)

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ALT: Karmen Rabe

Class/Grade/Language Level: ES/JHS

Textbook and specific lesson: any

Goal: can be used for reviewing grammar points or studied vocabulary.

Preparation: cut out about pictures of animal faces (or anime/charactres/food/celebrities/whatevz)

Class time: 15 minutes or more

First, split the class into groups. Cut out about five pictures of animal faces. (Or anime/ characters/food/ celebrities/whatevz). Designate each animal face (or whatevz) to a team in your class.

This game is a lot like jeopardy. Prepare about four categories (i.e., your country, textbook, school, sport) and four questions to each category.

Place the animal faces on the blackboard, and draw about four or five vertical lines on the board; the final one marked as “goal”. Ask a student to pick a category and question number (1~4). Anyone in the class is allowed to answer. If someone in team panda face answers correctly, move the panda face up one line on the board. First team to get to the goal, wins.

You can use this game as a revision to grammar points, e.g., “Have you ever been to South Africa?”; vocabulary, “What’s imagine in Japanese?”, or for any other aim.