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Name of Teacher: Lucas Rosch & HRT

Class/Grade/Language Level: Elementary 2nd/3rd Grade

Textbook and specific lesson: N/A

Goal: Learn animal names

Preparation: Flash cards of animals (lion, cat, dog, monkey, tiger, rabbit, panda, elephant, mouse, snake, bird)

Class time: 45 mins

1. Greetings (What's the date today? What day is it today? How's the weather?)

2. Communication time: HRT & ALT

     a. Do a short gesture with HRT. One person gestures an animal while the other watches. Thee one watching will guess what animal is being 
        gestured. Once the correct animal is guessed, switch the roles (repeat a few times, so the students notice all the gestured words are 
     b. Ask the students what the topic of the day is. (English or Japanese)
     c. Write down the goal of the day (Learn the names of animals)

3. Practise:

    a. Show animal flashcard individually and ask "What's this?"
           i. First, have students guess in English.
          ii. Second, have students answer in Japanese.
         iii. Repeat until all flash cards are revealed.
    b.Place the flash cards on the whiteboard/blackboard
           i. Tell students you will say the name of the animal in Japanese (preferably learn the names of the animals in Japanese beforehand) and 
              the students will say the name in English.
             1. Do the opposite
                 a. Teacher (Japanese) = Student (English)
                 b. Teacher (English) = Student (Japanese)
             2. Challenge (if time and number of students allow it)
                a. Go around the class and individually ask the students

4. Gesture Line Game (Gesture Dengon Game) 8+ students

    a. Split the class into teams (preferably 4+ students per team) and have them line up with their teams.
    b. Have all the students face the front of the class. Show a flashcard of the animal, only to the students at the back of the line from each 
       team. the student in the back shows the student in front of them a gesture of the animal shown on the flashcard (no talking). Each student has 
       5-10 seconds to gesture to the student in front of them. Once the student at the very front sees the gesture, stop. Have all the students in 
       the front of the line (from each team) say the name of the animal that was gestured to them on the count of 3 (in English). 
    c. After each round the student in the front of the line goes to the back of the line (repeat until all students have a chance at the front, or 
       until the remaining time to play is up).

5. Review

    a. Review worksheet of the overall lesson of the day.