Beauty and the Beast Game (ES/JHS/SHS)

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Teacher: Tomoko Shikimori

Class/Grade/Language Level:

Textbook and specific lesson:

Goal: a kind of listening activity, especially for phonics

Preparation: list of minimal pair word sets, or similar sounding words.

Class time:5-10 minutes

Make pairs. It’s a kind of Listening Activity, especially for phonics.    1)Students stand and face to face each other.

2)They put their left of right hands in front of them together.

3)Teachers command ,"One is Beauty and the other is Beast.” Students decide their own role.

4)Teachers will say to students, “Beauty and Beast …. BEAUTY!

5) Students who is “Beauty” can slam their partners hands.

If she/he can do it, “Beauty” will win the game.

6)BEAST can escape from Beauty at that time. If she/he can do it, BEAST win the game.

7)You can change the words. Example: Hot and Hat Cap and cup

You can use similar sounded words.

In my case, I play this game as three set game and change some other words.

This is fun game.