Beginner Level Color Lesson

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Name of Teacher: Anna Fast

Class/Grade/Language Level: Kindergarten, Elementary School Grades 1 or 2

Textbook and specific lesson: N/A

Goal: Students should be able to recognize colors and say them.

Preparation: Color cards, activity sheet, colored objects if there aren’t any in the room, colored hula-hoops / construction paper (red, yellow, green, blue), music player with music

Class time: 45 minutes

  1. Warm-up game (Simon says) (2 minutes)
  2. New words (Red, Green, Blue, Yellow) (3 minutes)
    Teacher says the new words while pointing at the color flashcards. Students repeat. Teacher should exaggerate the shape of the mouth to teach and teach phonics as well. (For example R R Red!) Say these new words a few times.
  3. Review color flash cards (2 min)
    Teacher should flash one of the colors flashcards. The students should say the color on the card. The teacher should show the card one more time and have the students repeat the color.
  4. Touch something Color Game (5 min)
    The teacher should call out a color. Have the students touch an object of the same color. Remind students that they are not allowed to touch objects that are on the teacher’s desk or in places where they are not allowed to go. For higher levels, you can shorten the time in which they have to find objects of that color. For example, you can give them 5 seconds to touch something or else they are out. Lower levels require more time and don’t need to be “out”.
  5. Review color flash cards (2 min)
  6. Safe color game (9 min)
    Place the hula-hoops on the ground. Have the students walk around with the music. Stop the music and call a color. The students have to rush to get to the hula-hoop with that color. Take away one hula-hoop and continue. If the students cannot fit inside the hula-hoop they are out.
  7. Review color flash cards (1 min)
  8. Red Red Green! (9 minutes)
    Have the students sit in a circle. One person is it and goes around clockwise saying either red or green and touching the students seated on the head. If red, the student touched remains sitting. If green, the it student runs that the students that was sitting chases them. If they touch them, the person who was it before remains it. If the person who was it manages to sit down, the student who was sitting becomes the new person who’s it.
  9. Review numbers 1-4 (1 min) and Activity sheet (9 min)
    Color by number sheet with only four colors discussed. Teacher tells students what color number corresponds to.
  10. Final Review of Colors (1 min)