Blind "Pumpkin Carving" (ES, grades 1-4)

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ALT: Sammuel McDowell

Class/Grade/Language Level: ES, grades 1-4)

Textbook and specific lesson: none

Goal: Introduce Halloween and pumpkin carving

Preparation: pictures of cool jack o'lanterns; board and markers/chalk; blindfold

Class time: 20-30 minutes

It’s not really feasible to carve pumpkins for Halloween, but it is possible to get students really pumped up for a Halloween lesson. To get students really excited, I show many pictures of really cool jack o’ lanterns. Then on the board or a pre-made dry erase pumpkin, have students take turns drawing their best jack o’ lantern face while blindfolded. The hardest part of this game is managing volume levels as students laugh and scream. For a big finish, invite the other teacher to compete with you for the best drawn face while blindfolded. I use blindfolds with funny eyes on them for extra laughs.