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Name of Teacher: Chris Cole

Class/Grade/Language Level: 2nd grade

Textbook and specific lesson:

Goal: Be able to remember and say the names of different body parts in English

Preparation: Large picture cards, blank sheets of paper

Class time:40-50 mins

Start the lesson by practicing saying the names of body parts in English (head, shoulders, knees, toes, foot, neck, arm, leg) using large picture cards.

Activity 1: Memory game. Line the cards on the board and point to each card in order, having the students say the name of the body part. After they have finished with all the cards, have the students put their heads down while you remove one card. Then point at each card again in order, including the empty spaces to see if the students can remember which card was removed. Repeat until only a few cards are left.

Activity 2: Touch game. Line the cards on the board. One pair of students stand a few steps away from the board. Call out a body part. The student who touches the correct picture first wins.

Activity 3: Simon Says game. Have all the students stand up. If you say, “Simon says ‘touch your (body part)’,” students should touch that part of their bodies. If you don’t use “Simon says,” students should stand still. Check after each command to see which students are moving correctly.

Activity 4: Monster Draw game. Give the students a blank sheet of paper. Have them draw a monster based on the information you give them. For example: if you say, “two heads,” the students’ monsters should have two heads. If you say, “six arms,” the monsters should have six arms. If the students are confused, draw your own monster to help them understand which body part to draw and how many. After all the body parts are used, allow the students to show their drawings to their friends.