Broken Telephone (JHS/SHS)

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ALT: Archana Prasad

Class/Grade/Language Level: JHS/SHS

Textbook and specific lesson: any; can be used to review vocabulary covered in the class that day.

Goal: Have students practice and producing English sentences.


Class time:

If we have time at the end of class, sometimes we play the whisper game. I will quickly come up with a few sentences using vocabulary that we covered in class that day and write them down on slips of paper. Each row gets a sentence. The first student has to whisper the sentence to the student sitting in back of him or her only once until they reach the last student in the row. Then, the last student says what he thinks the sentence is and the first student will say aloud what the actual sentence was.

This game works pretty well with low and intermediate level students, who find the differences between the first and last sentences to be hilarious. Higher level students, who like to have the right answers, have more trouble with the game. They will often ask for the sentences to be repeated or to see the actual sentence and write it down before telling it to the next student. I haven’t quite figured out how to get these higher level students to enjoy playing the game, but it works really well with lower and intermediate levels.