Call a Friend

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Name of Teacher: Mr. Kiyota, Bailey Gaudin

Class/Grade/Language Level: First grade JHS

Textbook and specific lesson: New Horizons 1

Goal: To invite a classmate to an activity, providing location and time of meeting

Preparation: 2x cellphones (teacher’s and ALT’s)

Class time: any class length

5 minutes: greetings and class briefing

10-15 minutes: read through Daily Scene 2 (page 72), first copying the ALT, then in pairs. The aim is to be able to say the passage as either character without looking at their textbook. 100% accuracy is not required, as focus is on conveying the gist of what is being asked/said.

10-15 minutes: students prepare a plan on what they will invite the ALT to, thinking of a date, time, activity, and any other relevant information they can think of to say.

Remaining time: ALT leaves the room, while the JTE selects a student and calls the ALT’s phone. The student talks with the ALT (over speaker phone, so the class can hear, and the JTE can help if required), inviting the ALT to hang out. Continue this until the end of the lesson.