Call and Response/Matching Phrases (any level/any textbook)

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Name of Teacher: Michelle Holliday

Class/Grade/Language Level: Any

Textbook and specific lesson: Any

Goal: Getting students familiar with set phrase couplets and work on shortening response time

Preparation: None required, picture cards can be added at teacher’s discretion

Class Time: 5-10 minutes

Stage of the Lesson: Warm-up

Depending on the size of the class, this activity can be done in pairs, seating rows, or as one big chain. As I like the one big chain approach best, that is the one I will be describing the most. The teacher may demonstrate or lead by example. For this game, JTE and ALT roles are fairly interchangeable.

To start, choose a phrase couplet that fits in with your lesson. For a greeting lesson, you might choose “Hello” and “Goodbye” or “Thank you” and “You’re welcome.”

(Skippable step) In a short skit, the JTE and the ALT will demonstrate how these phrases are supposed to work in conjunction with actions. For “Hello” and “Goodbye,” we pretended to be walking past each other, one said “Hello” and waved as we met then the other said “Goodbye” and waved as we continued on. (End skippable step)

Then, one of the teachers will start the ball rolling by turning to the other and using the first of the pair, “Thank you!” If using picture cards, hand off the picture card to the person you are addressing. The other teacher will then say “You’re welcome!” Then that teacher turns to the first student and says “Thank you,” starting the cycle. If done in rows, this can be done as a race. If done in a big chain, particularly if using picture cards, you can get three or four phrase pairings going at once, whenever the card gets to a student, they say the appropriate phrase and hand off the card to get their response.

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