Can you play ~ ?

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Names of Teachers: Roston Willis, Hiroko Ose

Class/Grade/Language Level: 4th grade

Goal: Teaching the expression of ability "Can you~?" "Yes, I can."

Preparation: Various sports cards for practice - 2 sizes - A4 and small cards for group practice.

Class time: 45 minutes

8 minutes:

  • Greetings (How are you today?, What day is it today?, What is the date?, How is the weather?)
  • English song

15 minutes: Skit

T1: I like sports.

T2: スポーツ好きなんだ~。 私はテニス好きだから、一緒にしたいなー。テニスできる?

T1: Huh?

T2: 「できる」って英語でどういえばいいかた?

  • review sports with large cards
  • teach questions with sports names. Can you play~?
  • teach 「Yes, I can] and 「No, I can't]

18 minutes: Game practice

  • makes small groups of 4 or 5
  • Groups form circles and place small cards face down in center.
  • First person draws card and asks second person.
  • Continue until cards are gone, shuffle, restart.

Card Exchange

Each student gets 1 card. Students walk around and greet each other. They say hello to another student then play rock, paper, scissors. Winner looks at his or her own card and asks partner. After partner answers they change roles. When finished they exchange cards and find new partner.

4 minutes: Confirmation

Students come to front of the class in pairs to demonstrate point.

Final greeting