Christmas Lesson Plan

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Name of Teacher: Kelli Yogi

Class/Grade/Language Level: Adjustable to any grade level

Textbook and specific lesson:


Preparation: Worksheets (Christmas Card), Christmas word/picture cards, Colored paper, Markers, Stickers, Glue, Scissors, and Colored Pencils.

Class time: 50 min

Activity/Time Description JLT
Karuta Game (15-20 minutes) Students are split into groups of five or six and then the teams take turns trying to match the most cards. Cards can be Christmas themed (ex: an angel, snowman, presents, Christmas trees, ornaments, etc.). The winning group gets stickers. Help with flipping and behavior management.
Let’s Make a Christmas Card

(30-40 minutes)

Explain each step to the students. Show students an example card. Once students are done with their drafts on the paper, they must show their paper to a teacher to see if there are any errors. Afterwards, they may get supplies to make a real Christmas card. Assist with students’ understanding of the assignment. Help check students’ drafts for errors.
Christmas Movie (30 minutes) While students are making their Christmas cards, a Christmas movie will be playing. They have to answer corresponding questions on their worksheet.

ALT may need to explain what is happening or clarify certain traditions in America that are being portrayed in the movie.
Depending on the level of the classroom, put on Japanese or English subtitles.

Help explain what is happening/translate.