Christmas Music Bingo!

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Name of Teacher: Kristina Elyse Butke

Class/Grade/Language Level: High School, Low Level

Textbook Not applicable


  • Cultural awareness: Introduce popular holiday music played during the Christmas season
  • Language: Further develop close listening and reading skills


  • Creation of a music playlist of 10-15 Christmas songs. Each song must be timed to only play until the name of the Christmas song is mentioned in the lyrics. (This is a playback setting you can adjust in programs like iTunes). Usually the name of the song pops up in the opening lyrics or during the song's chorus, so music excerpts should be only a minute long (or sometimes less).
  • Creation of custom bingo cards with the song titles in the spaces. Make your custom bingo cards here [1]. You can create 30 randomized bingo cards for free (any more and you have to pay for their service). Download your custom bingo cards as a .pdf and then you can print extras for classes with more than 30 students.
  • Requires laptop or other music player.
  • Additional speakers may be required.
  • Use colored strips of paper for bingo markers.

Class time:

  • Requires full class time. 45-50 minutes.
  • It will take about 5 minutes to explain the rules.

How the Lesson Incorporates the Four Skills

  • Reading: Students must closely read their bingo cards to spot the song title as they listen to the music.
  • Writing: Not applicable
  • Speaking: Students have to verify the correct answer out loud in front of the class.
  • Listening: Students have to listen carefully for the title of the Christmas song in the lyrics.


  • Review the rules for Bingo. This may be slightly different than the Bingo Japanese students are used to, especially in cases where they use paper slips to mark their places on their card, or if their card includes a free space. This is also a game where students can win multiple times in a single game.
  • Explain what students have to listen for specifically in the song.


  • The instructor will play the song. Depending on the students' English skill level, you may have to give several hints. For example, before you play the song, you could give them a clue as to when the title pops up in the lyrics ("listen closely to the beginning" or "it comes up at the end of the song," etc.). While the song plays, you could also sing the title of the song when it appears.
  • After the music excerpt is played, ask the entire class what the answer is. If no one knows, play the music one more time and sing along. Then check again.
  • Sometimes students have trouble spotting the answer on their card (especially for longer song titles), so make sure you and the JTE do a quick row check to verify they have the correct space marked.
  • Students who win bingo get a prize (Christmas stickers, candy, etc.)