Color and Shape Review

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Name of Teacher: Cameron Marsland
Class/Grade/Language Level: Elementary School 2nd Grade
Textbook and specific lesson: N/A
Goal: Colors, Shapes, “What shape (do you want)?” “What color (do you want)?” “How many?” “~, please”
Preparation: Color and shape flash cards, reflection sheet, blank Christmas tree card
Class time: 45 minutes

The goal here is to review what the Year 2 students have learned so far, that being colors, shapes, and numbers. Usually this lines up with December, hence the theme of a Christmas card.

1) Greetings:

S: Hello ___sensei and ___sensei.
T1 or T2: Hello, how are you?
S: I’m ~~. How are you?
T1 and T2: I’m ~~.

2) Song: (usually a song that relates to the topic, otherwise a previous song they’ve learned like the Hello Song)

3) Today’s Goal

4) Flashcard review. Get the kids to repeat after the ALT, starting with colors, then shapes (they all are fairly confident with numbers by now). Ask them “What color?” and “What shape?” and repeat again sticking them on the blackboard, then get the kids to say them on their own.

5) Introduce the phrases, “What color?” “What shape?” “How many?” and the response “~~, please.” Over the course of the semester, the kids have heard these phrases during the flashcard practice and review. Demonstrate with the HRT then repeat the phrases with the kids, followed by asking them, then them asking the ALT/HRT.

6) Hand out the Christmas tree card sheets and split the kids into pairs. Here the goal is to get the kids to decorate a Christmas tree by asking their partner what shapes they want, how many of, and what colors they should be. Demonstrate with the HRT. eg.) “What shape?” “Circle please.” “What color?” “Red please.” “How many?” “Three please.”. Once you confirm that they understand, go around and help out the some of the quieter kids (and make sure they actually understood/use English).

7) Review. Have the kids fill out a review sheet (in Japanese, HRT prepares). Usual questions of *Did you use English during the game/activity?” and “Do you remember the English you used?” as well as a space for their thoughts and comments (ie what they learned, found fun, or what is different between English and Japanese).