Color and Shape Uchiwa

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Name of Teacher: Chalice Mitchell

Class/Grade/Language Level: 2nd Grade Elementary

Textbook and specific lesson: N/A

Goal: To make and present creations

Preparation: Plain white uchiwa, magic markers or stickers, karuta cards

Class time: 45 minutes

  1. Greeting
    Hello everyone...
  2. Warm Up
    “How are you?” interview game
  3. Practice
    “I like…” (colors and shapes)
  4. Karuta game
    Teachers: “I like (color and shape).”
    Students: Slap card and repeat “I like…”
    (in pairs or small groups)
  5. Create Uchiwa
    Students decorate using markers or stickers
  6. Presentation
    Students say “I like (color) and (shape) and (color) and (etc.) in small groups or whole class depending on time and class size.
  7. Closing
    Goodbye, thank you...