Colors, Animals, and Animal Sounds

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Lesson Title: Colors, Animals, and Animal Sounds

Class/Grade/Language Level: Elementary School

Goal: Learn colors, animals, and animal sounds

Preparation: "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" Book or flash cards of the animals on the worksheet, worksheet (printed on B4 size paper), color flash cards (optional) File:Brownbearcards.doc

Class time: 45 minutes

Greeting: Greet whole class with Good Morning/Afternoon "How are you?"(I add "How is the weather?" and "What day is it today?" for older grades)


• Have kids listen to song that has names of animals and animal sounds

• get them to guess what animals they heard

• reveal what animals/sounds were in the song with flashcards, teach the other phrases of the song

• Replay the song having them stand, sing and do gestures for the different animals (cat, dog, horse, duck, frog)


1. Introduce the phrase "What do you see?"..."Red" with colors either through flashcards or with the first pages in the book.

2. I read the book having the kids repeat the phrases i.e. "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" on each page.

3. If you just have flash cards you can do the same, blue bird, black horse etc.

4. Before I turn to the next page I have the kids ask me, "What do you see?"

5. I tell them what the next animal will be and they try to guess what that means in Japanese.

6. At the end of the book we review all the animals/colors, and I tell them to memorize them really quickly.


1. I pass out the worksheet to all the kids and have them write their names.

2. Then I ask them if they remember what came first, the older kids will remember better then the younger ones.

3. I tell them the color of the next animal in English and they hold up the crayon for that color (1st/2nd).

4. For older grades, we talk about what colors the animal could be.

5. Once they have guessed the animal/picked up the correct crayon, I flip the page, have them repeat, and tell them to color it in.

6. For the classes that color really slowly I tell them they have 1 minute to color and set a timer.

7. Do this until the very last animal. Then show them how to create a book out of the worksheet.


• I show them how to read their mini-books. All the kids know the letter A from learning the alphabet earlier so I tell them if you put A in front it means one of that animal.

• I go over the book one time quickly and they read along in their own books.

• For the classes who finish quickly I have them show the book to their friends and ask "What do you see?"

• Let them bring the books home to show their families.