Correct Chris (ES/JHS)

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Name of Teacher: Chris Tempest

Class/Grade/Language Level: ES & JHS

Goal: Practice the "Have you ever...?" construction

Preparation: Prepare tree of questions/answers

This activity is based off a tree idea but adapted toward forming sentences. Students are given a grammar topic that they must use. In this case ‘Have you ever...?’. In pairs, students each decide a character and keep it a secret. They then take turns asking each other the questions and follow the paths down the tree based off the “Yes, I have” or “No, I haven’t” answers. If they get to the correct character then they change roles. This can be adapted as a double tree, yes going down, no going up. It can be adapted for ES, too. Change the sentences into pictures and use the target grammar. Another alternative is for the student to tell their partner who they are by giving information. E.g. I have never played baseball. I have finished my homework and I have read Harry Potter, too. Students must work out who they are based from the information given.