Crazy Colors

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Name of Teacher: Andrew Suson

Class/Grade/Language Level: Grades 1 and 2 Elementary School

Textbook and specific lesson: No textbook specific lesson

Goal: To have the students familiarize themselves with basic colors

Preparation: I spy cards, flashcards of colors, (preferably laminated), and the picture book "Brown bear, brown bear"

Class time: 45 minutes

Vocabulary - Red, blue, yellow, green, purple, pink, orange, brown, white, black, sky blue
Supplementary Vocabulary- I like ________. What color do you like?

Opening - 5 minutes: Greet the teacher, review the vocabulary from last time
Explanation: Ideally, this lesson works well after you have done a basic lesson on animals. It is not necessary for the enjoyment of the kids, but it does increase their comprehension by quite a bit. First and second graders are quite young, so it might take a bit of time for the vocabulary to stick. Also, it is important to practice the basic greetings with them, so they can get the call and response pattern down later. Use these five minutes to practice the following pattern: "Hello, everyone!" "Hello, ________ sensei!" "How are you today?" "I'm fine, thank you. And you?" "I'm fine, thank you."

Introduce New Material - 5 minutes: Introduce color flash cards on the board
Explanation: Using flash cards, introduce the new vocabulary by having them repeat slowly after you. Overemphasize the pronunciation so they can easily understand.

Warm up #1 - 5 minutes: Classroom color search
Explanation: Have the children stand up, and search around the classroom for different objects that are a given color that you have chosen. This exercise works well to get them moving and excited about the English. Repeat a few times before segueing into the next activity.

Warm up #2 - 5 minutes: I Spy
Explanation: There is a children's book in America that is very popular called "I Spy". In the book, there are pictures of many brightly colored objects. Using blown up pictures from the book, create large laminated sheets for each table group to share. If you do not own a copy of "I Spy", you can easily find "I Spy" pictures on the internet. Much like the previous activity, call out various colors and have the children point to them on their sheet. This is envisioned as an "exploration" sort of activity, not a competitive game. The children will be excited just looking at the pictures of strange and wonderful things.

Let's Listen - 10 minutes: "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" storybook
Explanation: Read the "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" storybook to the children. Ideally, you can pair the animal vocabulary that you learned previously with the new color vocabulary and get them both to click. The book is very repetitious, so the students will be able to pick up on the structure quite easily and will be able to imitate you as you speak. If you have the version of the storybook with sliding doors, you can make it interactive by asking the kids if they can guess what color animal is coming next.

Let's Play a Game #1 - 10 minutes: "Memory Game"
Explanation: Use the color flashcards on the board to play the memory game. Have the students close their eyes, and stealthily take one of the cards off the board while they are not looking. The students will have to guess what card you "stole". This can get to be quite an exciting game if you change the order of the cards or put some in very haphazard places in the front of the classroom instead of on the board.

Review - 5 minutes: Review of colors
Explanation: Use the flashcards from earlier and review the vocabulary. Conclude by asking individual students what color various objects in the room are to check for understanding.