Days of the Week, Numbers

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Name of Teacher: Pavel Elagin

Class/Grade/Language Level: 4th Grade

Textbook and specific lesson: no textbook; Days of the week, Numbers

Goal: Teach the days of the week and counting to 20

Preparation: soft ball, stop watch, a calendar page in B4, a days of the week song (ie. the one from Hi Friends, 1), flashcards

Class time: 45 minutes

Warm up (10 min)

Greet the class,
Go over/review "How are you?" and vocab with students.
Have students practice asking each other.
note: I like to use a soft ball made out of plastic net. Throw it into the class, the student that catches it stands up and answers your :question. Have that student throw it to another student. 1st student asks the 2nd student the set phrase. 1st student sits down, 2nd :student throws it to another student.
Language focus: Good, Great, Happy, Sad, Sleepy, etc.

Intro Counting (5 min)

Go over counting, practice pronunciation of numbers
Language focus: 1-20

Counting Race (10 min)

Divide the class into 2 groups.
Have each group count from 1 to 20. Usually telling students to go in hebi/snake way for order works. Time how long it takes (stopwatch).
Announce the winner after playing a few rounds.

Intro Days of the Week (5 min)

Ask the class “What day is it?”, students will most likely be confused.
Ask the HRT, they will usually answer or give students a hint on the topic.
Go over pronunciation. Careful about Tuesday and Thursday.
Language focus: Mon. ~ Sun.

Days of the Week Song (5 min)

Sing days of the week song. (Hi Friends 1 song works well)

Calendar Race/Suguroku (15 min)

  • Divide students into lunch groups.
  • Hand out worksheet. (Calendar page in B4 or make your own. I make my own using same day of the week flashcard images.)
  • Each student starts at the start with an eraser.
  • Students take turns to roll the dice. They need to say the name of the weekday to keep that spot. If they can't they move back and it's the next player's turn. First to reach 31st wins!

Finish Wrap up (~min)

Finish the class by going over the vocab again.