Describing Personalities (2nd-3rd year, all levels)

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Names of Teachers: Dokken Nakamone and JTEs

Class/Grade/Language Level: SHS All years but best for 2nensei or 3nensei

Textbook and specific lesson: None

Goal: Describing people’s personalities

Preparation: Minimal ( < 30 minutes) Handout: Describing Personalities

Class time: 50 minutes

This lesson works best for 2nensei or 3nensei as it requires the class to know each other well.

15mins Introduction

Go over the main expressions about describing personality.
Review examples. ALT and JTE should describe their personality to the class.
After reviewing the vocabulary list, ask if there are other personalities not listed they would like to know.
Explain students will write about their own personality and also one classmate’s personality.
For lower level classes, they can use the template word for word and replace the personality words to fit them.

15mins Main Lesson

Help students describe their personality and one of their friend’s personalities.

20mins Presentation

Have a student volunteer to present their personality first.
The next person to present will talk about the first person’s personality and then their own.
I found the class finds it quite interesting to see how different their classmates see them and how they see themselves.

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