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Name of Teacher: Harriet Rich

Class/Grade/Language Level: Elementary 4th grade

Textbook and specific lesson: Let's try 2: Unit 5

Goal: To get the children used to the grammar ‘do you have a ______?’

Preparation: 20 minutes

Class time: 45 minutes

1. Greeting and Warm-up [5 minutes]

a) short greeting
- Greet the children, ask them how are you, etc.
b) Tate/yoko game
- All children stand up. I ask a question from the things they have studied over the last year and a half. The children put their hands up, and if they answer correctly, then they can choose either tate (the column) or yoko (the row) to sit down. The game ends when everyone is sitting down.

Example questions: What (colour/sport/food/animal) do you like? How’s the weather? What day is it?

2. Warm-up song [2 minutes]

a) sing a song from the current unit together.

3. Revision Game [10 minutes]

a) A short game to help the children remember the vocab. For example, the stereo game. Five children stand at the front with hidden vocab cards. They all yell their vocab at the same time. The remaining children must put their hands up and guess who said what using the unit’s grammar. For example: “John, do you have a pen?”

4. Main Activity [15-20 minutes]

a) Split the children into groups, 4-6 works best. Gather four sets of the stationary vocab cards per group (12 cards times 4).
b) Children shuffle the cards and deal them all out amongst their group.
c) The game is pretty much Go Fish if you know it. The students should do janken to decide who goes first, then continue in a clockwise order. Each student chooses a card they have in their hand and asks anyone in their group “do you have [this card]?”. If yes, the asked replies with “Yes, I do” and hands over all of the cards of that vocab. For example, if they ask for pen and he has three pen cards, he must pass all of them over. If the answer is no, he replies with “no, I don’t” and it is the next person’s turn. Once you have four cards of the same type, you may place them in front of you and declare you have one point. Once all cards have been played, the children total up their points and find a winner. I usually play this game for two or three rounds.

The explanation usually takes at least five minutes, and each round 5-10.