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Hi, Friends! lesson plans

Hi, Friends! Lesson Examples
Grade 5: Grade 6:
Hi Friends 1 Lesson 3:

5th Grade, How many~?

5th grade, How many? Janken! (Lesson 3-1)

Hi Friends 1 Lesson 5

5th grade, Color/Shapes Practice

5th grade, Upper Case Alphabet

5th grade, Awesome Fun Phrase and T-Shirt Picture Drawing Learnin’ Time

5th grade, What do you like?

5th grade, Finishing the lesson with a Creative activity and review activity

5th grade, Fashion Designer (Lesson 5-3)

Hi Friends 1 Lesson 6:

5th grade, Let's find/say the alphabet!

5th grade, Alphabet Soup

5th grade, Alphabets (Lesson 6-1)

5th grade, Let's make a restaurant (Lesson 6 final lesson)

5th grade, Alphabets Review

Hi Friends 1 Lesson 7:

5th grade, What’s This?

Hi Friends 1 Lesson 8:

5th grade, Days of the Week (Lesson 8, first lesson)

5th grade, My Dream Schedule (Lesson 8, final lesson)

Hi Friends 1 Lesson 9:

5th grade, School Restaurant

Hi Friends 2 Lesson 1:

6th grade, Alphabet Fish

Hi Friends 2 Lesson 2:

6th grade, When Is Your Birthday?

Hi Friends 2 Lesson 3:

6th grade, Can and Can't

6th grade, I Can Put on a Puppet Show!

Hi Friends 2 Lesson 4:

6th grade, Verb Review

6th grade, Directions Lesson

6th grade, Go Straight Suikawari

6th grade, Where is the Supermarket?

6th grade, One Direction

Hi Friends 2 Lesson 5:

6th grade, What time is it? (Lesson 5-1)

6th grade, Let's Go To Italy

6th grade, Let's Go To _______ (Learn how to say the names of countries)

6th grade, Let's Go to Italy ~ using the computer room

6th grade, Let's Go to Italy (Introduction class)

6th grade, I want to go to

6th grade, Sell a Country

6th grade, Lesson Plan High Friends 2 Lesson 5 – First day

6th grade, Let's Go To! (Lesson 5-3)

6th grade, Where do you want to go? I want to go to Italy to see/to eat…

6th grade, Lesson 5-2 (National Flags)

Hi Friends 2 Lesson 6:

6th grade, Making English "passports" (Lesson 6, but reviews material from all lessons)


Alphabet war! (4-6 grade, text is optional)

Number game (3-6 grade, text optional)

Teaching a simple phrase and vocabulary review (1-6 grade, adaptable activity)

The Gesture Game (1-6 grade, adaptable activity)

Lessons by Topic

Holiday Colours Numbers Miscellaneous
Halloween Bookmarks (Any grade, also can be used in JHS)

Halloween Customs in the US (1st-6th grade, can be used at Kindergarten)

Halloween Masks (any grades that have done parts of the face and colors)

Halloween Monster Masks (4th-6th grades)

Halloween: Pin the Face on the Pumpkin & Making Monsters (5th - 6th grades, can be adjusted for lower grades)

Thanksgiving Turkey (any grade)

Christmas Tree Crafts and Colors (any grades)

Color and Shape Review: Christmas

Winter Holidays (1-4th grade)

Hoikuen/Elementary Halloween Lesson (ABCs) (Hoikuen (ages 4-6) and Elementary)

Animals and Colors through Picture Books (any grade but designed for 2nd grade)

Learning Shapes and Colour Review (all grades)

Color and Shape Uchiwa (2nd grade)

Crazy Colors (1st-2nd grades)

Teaching colour with fruit and vegetables (1st grade)

Have fun with Numbers and Colours (1st and 2nd grades)

Colors, Animals, and Animal Sounds (any grade)

Learning Colors with Twister! (2nd through 6th grade)

Beginner Level Color Lesson (Kindergarten and Elementary grades 1 and 2)

Color and Shape Review (2nd grade)

Days of the Week, Numbers (4th grade)

Have fun with Numbers and Colours (1st and 2nd grades)

Introduction to Numbers (1st-4th grades)

Let's Count From 1 to 100 (Elementary grade 4 and above)

Numbers 1 through 10

Numbers 1 through 20

Numbers Above 20

Numbers Matching Game (1st - 4th Grade)

Can you play ~ ? (4th grade)

Character Fukuwarai Battle

Design Your Own Pokemon (4th grade)

Don Janken

Name that Character (5th-6th grade)

School Stationery (3-4 grade)

Telling the Time and Introducing the Months of the Year (4th grade)

Where is my monkey? (4th-6th grade, beginner's elementary eikaiwa)

Who Are They?

Occupations - "What do you want to be?" "I want to be a________" (6th Grade, 3rd term)

YuruKyara-Hunter! (4th-6th grade)

Scotland and How's the Weather (1st - 4th grade)

Meishi Exchange (4th - 6th grade)

Animals Food Body Parts Likes
Animals (2nd or 3rd grade)

Animals 2 (1st or 2nd grade)

Animals and Colors through Picture Books (any grade but designed for 2nd grade)

Farm Animal Finger Puppets (grade 2)

Learning the names of animals not commonly seen in Japan (1-4 grade)

Colors, Animals, and Animal Sounds (any grade)

Teaching Animal Names with ''Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?'' (1st-4th grade)

Teaching colour with fruit and vegetables (1st grade)

Vegetables with Pizza Activity (3-4 grade)

World Food and Drink (4th - 6th grade)

ITAI!!! Game

Let's Learn Body Parts! (1st grade)

Learning Body Parts (1st and 2nd grade)

My Monster

Lava Floors & Evolution "I Like~" (1st - 2nd grade)

"I Like Red Dogs" and MarioKart (all grades, JHS 1st grade)

What do you like? (1st-3rd grade)

Alphabet Feelings - Expressions Phonics Days of the Week - Months
ABC: Writing, Reading, and Feeling (5-6, preferably students who have studied the ABCs before)

Alphabet Games (3rd-6th grades)

English Alphabet Review

Reading and Writing the alphabet (4-6 grade)

Happy Face (1st through 4th grades)

How Are You? (Kindergarten/ES)

Five Minute Daily Phonics (5th and 6th grades, done in every class) Days of the Week, Numbers (4th grade)

The Days of the Weeks (1-4 grade)

Telling the Time and Introducing the Months of the Year (4th grade)

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