English Alphabet Review

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Name of Teacher: Dan Woten

Class/Grade/Language Level: Elementary School, 1st-4th Grade

Textbook and specific lesson: Alphabet Review

Goal: Review of the English Alphabet

Preparation: N/A

Class time: 45 minutes

  • Greeting/Warm-up

Greet children using normal method (How are you? How is the weather? What day is it? etc.). The length of the warm-up depends largely on how often you visit the school. The more often you visit, the shorter the warm-up should be.

  • Review the Alphabet

For this step, you will need a set of large alphabet flashcards. Have the students chant the letters as you put them up on the board. Once the letters are up on the board, use a recording media of your choice to have the class sing any one of the many alphabet songs that can be found floating around. Two or three times should be sufficient (depending on your class). If your class is familiar with the alphabet, shuffle the cards on the board and have volunteers race to correct the cards the fastest.

  • Missing Game

With the flashcards still on the board, tell the students that you are going to play the Missing Game. Have the students close their eyes while you remove one letter card from the board. The students then open their eyes and say which card is missing. Once they are familiar with this, begin mixing the letters up on the board and, eventually, take more than one letter at a time. How difficult you make this game will vary greatly by class.

  • Karuta Race

For this activity, you will need to split the class into two teams. You will call out a letter and one student from each team will race to the board and slap the corresponding letter flashcard. The student who slaps the card first earns a point for his or her team. All disputes should be decided by janken, or another similar method. Play until all students have a turn. (NOTE: This game can also be played without flashcards. Simply write the letters on the board and have each student run to the board with an eraser. The first student to erase the letter will earn the point.)

  • Recap

Use the remaining few minutes in class to review the alphabet again. If there is time, sing the alphabet song again. Close out the class in your normal fashion, and remember to praise the students for their hard work.