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Name of Teacher: Zachary Johnson
Class/Grade/Language Level: Any, also for use in HS
Textbook and specific lesson: N/A
Goal: Internationalization, exposure to a wider variety of English-language media.
Preparation: Print, copy on the copy machine (preferable) or risograph.
Class time: 1-5 minutes if distributed in class (for explanation) or distribute outside of class

Roughly every month I design and distribute, Zeigo, an arts-focused English newsletter to my students. It regularly includes information on things like music videos, comics, song lyrics, art projects, and blogs that students can look into more deeply outside of school. Editions include English corresponding to what each grade has learned at that point in the year. While the newsletter is time-sensitive in that respect, it can be used for any year and its size and printed dates can be changed simply with white out and a copy machine.

ZEIGO, April edition, 1st grade (A3)

ZEIGO, April edition, 2nd grade (A3)

ZEIGO, April edition, 3rd grade (A3)

ZEIGO, February edition, 1st grade (B4)

ZEIGO, February edition, 2nd grade (B4)

ZEIGO, February edition, 3rd grade (B4)

ZEIGO, March edition, 2nd grade (A3)

ZEIGO, May edition, 1st grade (A3)

ZEIGO, May edition, 2nd grade (A3)

ZEIGO, May edition, 3rd grade (A3)

ZEIGO, October edition, 1st grade (B4)

ZEIGO, October edition, 2nd grade (B4)

ZEIGO, October edition, 3rd grade (B4)

ZEIGO, November edition, 1st grade (B3)

ZEIGO, November edition, 2nd, 3rd grade (B4)