Free Conversation (JHS)

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Name of Teacher: Karmen Rabe

Class/Grade/Language Level: JHS, but could probably work at SHS, too

Goal: Get kids talking and thinking in English before lesson begins

This is a very basic (but fun) idea. Quite often, of their own accord, students come up with super-creative answers!

  • Think up a list of about 30 questions. They can range from, “What’s the weather like today?” to “What time do you get to school?” or “Which do you like better, peanuts or chestnuts?”.
  • Let all the students stand up.
  • Give a time limit (this depends on the grade and/or skill level of the kids; usually about five to ten minutes).
  • When you as a question, the students raise their hands. You pick one, and if they answer correctly (use your discretion), they get to sit down.
  • The last kid gets a “special” question, this can (but doesn’t have to be) something “embarrassing” or funny, like “How many frogs have you kissed today?”

This game gets the kids talking, and thinking in English before the actual lesson starts.