Friends Around The World

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Name of Teacher: Chiri Davis
Class/Grade/Language Level: Junior High School
Textbook and specific lesson: N/A
Goal: I hope to reinforce the grammar that the students should already know at their current level. There is a variety grammatical structures used to show students how various sentences can be constructed through real events or situations.
Preparation: There are only a few materials needed for this project. The teacher must provide real friends or family members and gather interesting details about those individuals if you want to be more authentic with the information.
Class time: 10 minutes

While in pairs, students will be given a short amount of time to translate sentences provided by the teacher from English to Japanese. When this is complete students can present their translation back into English allowing other students to learn more about the individual they are reading about.

For example:

Tim Johns
He lives in Atlanta, Georgia, USA now
He can skateboard very well.
He was soldier in the US military.

The lesson should take up only 10 minutes of class per class time necessary to finish. About 3 or 4 classes base on the pace of the students and the number of students involved.