Frog Warm up Conversation (ES/JHS/SHS)

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ALT: Alice Walter

Class/Grade/Language Level: all levels

Textbook and specific lesson: any

Goal: conversation warm-up

Preparation: frog or any small thing you can hide in your hand; decide on a conversation prompt

Class time:5-10 minutes

I have a small frog omamori, ei. Frog game; but you could use any small thing that can hide in your hand. Decide the conversation prompt--- can be adjusted according to level/content. (What’s your name? When is your Birthday? What will you do this weekend? Etc.)

Demonstrate with teacher or advanced student

Find a partner

Hello/greeting exchange

Rock paper scissors/Rock scissors paper

Winner asks the key question first

Loser answers and returns the question (thank you, and you? or return the full question)

Winner answers

  • Shake hands with the appropriate ending/gratitude statement (Nice to meet you, Happy Birthday! Thank you, Enjoy/ Have fun, etc)
  • Here is where the Frog secretly jumps from person to person, (babanuki style)

Goodbye/exchange parting words

Repeat as many times as you can (usually 2~5 mins depending on class/ability)

Teacher says/yells STOP! ------- whoever has the frog is singled out for a solo happyo. Everyone asks the key question, the frog holder answers and then everyone says the gratitude phrase.

It’s a nice way to get them moving, acclimating to the natural yaritori of conversation, good review.