Fukuwarai (ES)

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Name of Teacher: Victoria Harper

Class/Grade/Language Level: ES

Goal: Practice body parts and directions vocab

Preparation: You need: large picture of blank face to put on the blackboard, cut outs of face parts with strong magnets glued to the back, blindfold.

This is a traditional Japanese game played on New Years. Students might not be familiar with it, but the teachers can help explain the rules.
Vocabulary: eye, nose, mouth, ear, up, down, left, right, stop.

1. Teach vocabulary
2. Blindfold 1 student
3. The student chooses a random face part and asks “what’s this?”
4. The other students say what the part is and navigate which direction to move it on the blank face.
5. After the demo, students can play this game at their desks if you make copies of the face for them.