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Name(s) of Teacher(s): Devin Holloway (Taragi-Machi)
Class/Grade/Language Level: Junior High School
Textbook and specific lesson: n/a
Goal: Use critical thinking skills to figure out the words
Preparation: ‘is’, ‘might be’, ‘is not’ and hint cards, list of answers with predetermined hints
Class Time: Warm up or vocabulary review game (15-20 minutes)

This game is based off a board game from back home called “Funglish”.

Before class, prepare cards for the board with hints (adjectives, nouns, etc.) written on them. Also prepare three cards reading ‘is’,’might be’ and ‘is’ not (Note: You may also want to prepare ‘are’ et al. for verb agreement depending on the words/phrases you choose). Hang these cards on the board in columns.

Divide the class into their lunch groups, or teams of 5-6. Review the hint words before beginning. Use the hint cards to describe the word. You do not have to use all the words. After each hint, check to see if any team wants to guess yet.

When they guess, Students should use your hints to form sentences. For example, your word is “apple”. They should say “It is red. It is sweet. It might be for lunch. It is not a vegetable. I think it is an apple.”

Your board should look a bit like this at the end of a round:

An example of a board for ‘CD’.

is might be is not
a fruit small here thick
a vegetable shiny English cheap
a sport round music
an animal a thing loud
crowded quiet

If your students are feeling brave, bring blank hint cards and a marker so that they can make their own hints!