Gesture Pairs Game (ES)

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ALT: James Pashley

Class/Grade/Language Level:

Textbook and specific lesson:

Goal: remembering action vocabulary with gestures

Preparation: pocket-sized cards with words or pictures

Class time: 10 minutes or more

With many students language can be intimidating, some students remember better when linked to actions or gestures. Often with name and action vocabulary we will create a gesture to help them remember.

When reviewing previous or current vocabulary in the classroom we often use a gesture game to practice.

Students close their eyes. Students are given a pocket sized card with a word and/ or image on.

(These are prepared before, but may be karuta cards.)

They secretly look at their card, then put it in to their pocket.

Students then have to find their pair, in larger classes maybe a group, using gesture alone. No sound is allowed.

When everyone is in a pair, they sit together.

In turn each group demonstrates their gesture and the rest of the class has to call out the correct English vocabulary.

It is very simple, but it can be very effective, gets the kids moving about if they are slowing down during a class, or as a review warm-up activity. The key is the ‘no sound’ as the kids start thinking about English in ‘real terms’ rather than just words.

The only preparation is the cards, I often use the same cards for other card games.