Halloween “My Monster” Mask Making Lesson

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Name of Teacher: Jenifer Vosper

Class/Grade/Language Level: JHS 1st Grade (could easily be adapted for others)

Textbook and specific lesson: Pairs well with Sunshine 1: My Project 2 (p.86-87)

Goal: Allow students to use recently learnt “introduction” English in a creative way.

Preparation: Mask making materials, Powerpoint, “My Monster” writing cards.

Class time: 50 mins

1. Halloween Powerpoint (10 mins)

Introduction to Halloween:
  • History
  • Jack O’Lanterns
  • Costumes/Trick or Treat
AIM – Understand why we have Halloween and to lead into making masks.

2. Monster Making Activity (Explain) (3 mins)

1. Make groups of 5/6 (lunch groups)
2. 1 person from each group collects enough plates – 1 for each member.
3. Students can use their own materials and the extra bits I will bring to create their own monster masks,

3. Monster Making Activity (Do) (20 mins)

Students make masks (20 minutes).
AIM – Have fun and be creative! ALT and JTE will go around the room talking to students in this time. You can also play Halloween music and take pictures.

4. Monster Making Activity (Write) (10-15 mins)

Students use the “My Monster” cards to write about their monsters.
If the students haven’t finished making their masks, I give them extra time.

5. Class photo (2 mins)

Class photo with their masks over their faces

Extra Time? Halloween Puzzle

Halloween Crossword 2018

I actually used the masks and writing this year to make a Halloween English wall.

Lesson plan plus My Monster card: Media: Halloween_“My Monster”_Mask_Making_Lesson.docx