Halloween Bookmarks

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Name of Teacher: Miki Luo

Class/Grade/Language Level: Elementary School and Junior High School, all grades.

Textbook and specific lesson: Halloween Lesson

Goal: To develop interest in foreign culture through learning about Halloween

Preparation: laminates, laminator, coloring bookmarks, shinny twist ties, hole puncher, color pencils (enough for everyone in the class), Halloween flashcards

Class time: Full Period

  • Introduction

ALT introduces the lesson by telling students about the origin of Halloween. The JTE or HRT can help translate when needed. It would be best to explain the story to them before class.

  • Origin of Halloween

Long time ago, the people who lived in Britain and Ireland celebrated the New Year on November 1st because it was the end of summer and the harvest. Some people believe that on October 31st, ghosts could return to destroy the food that was stored for the winter. People set bonfires to scare away the ghosts. They wore masks so the ghosts wouldn’t recognize them. Today, children wear costumes and knock on doors to scare people so they would give them candy, if not they will do something bad to the house owners. Hence they say “trick or treat”.

  • Game

Use flashcards to teach kids a few Halloween words. The ones I used were: candy, jack-o-lantern, bats, ghost, mummy, vampire, werewolf, trick or treat, witch, and spider. Next play charade with the kids. The ALT should do the first act and let student guess what it was. Check to see if they understood the game, then ask students to volunteer. I gave stickers to the students who guessed the right answer or volunteered. For lower grades or shy classes, the ALT/JTE/HRT can do the gestures.

  • Activity

Making Halloween Bookmarks. Search and cut out some Halloween bookmarks to color. A quick Google search will yield quite a few results. Have students choose and color a bookmark. Most elementary school students will always have color pencils with them; if not talk to their teacher or raid the school office. For JHS you can ask them to bring it before hand or try the school office. After they finish coloring, help students laminate their bookmarks. Cut them out but leave some space on top so you can punch a hole and tie a twist tie to it.

See attachment for finished project.