Halloween Customs in the US

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Name of Teacher: Adam Chludzinski

Class/Grade/Language Level: Elementary School 1st-6th grade, Kindergarten

Textbook and specific lesson: Halloween Lesson

Goal: The goal of this lesson is to familiarize students with Halloween customs, specifically those which are most popular within the US: costume wearing and trick-or-treating. Please modify with respect to your home country.

Preparation: Your school’s permission, A short presentation showing Halloween in the US, Printed Colorable Halloween masks, Colored Pencils/Markers, Scissors, Staplers, Rubber Bands, Paper bags, Halloween Candy.

Please get the approval of your school several weeks in advance. Talk to your supervising teacher(s), Vice Principal, Tantousha, and make sure to explain the cultural aspect of the lesson. Prepare a 5-10 minute Powerpoint presentation focusing on Halloween costumes/vocabulary, and trick-or-treating. Print out and copy colorable Halloween masks for your class.

Class time: 1 period, 45 minutes

Lesson Plan

  • Warm up - Ask your class the weather, day, and date. Tell them today is a special day, and then proceed to explain that it is Halloween.
  • Presentation of new material - Using your prepared materials, explain Halloween to the class. Make sure the presentation covers the basics of what they will be doing today (costumes and trick or treating) thoroughly. Your HRT can be a big help here. Leave time for questions.
  • Practice - After allotting time for choosing a mask and coloring, students will practice the basics needed for trick or treating. Ideally, they should master:
Trick or treat.
Happy Halloween.
Thank you.
  • Confirmation/Review - Students will go trick or treating to predetermined locations within the school, wearing the masks they have made. Having staff cooperation really helps; a nurse in the hokenshitsu, or the tea lady/other teachers in the shokuinshitsu or library. Having them go in small groups of 3-5 works best to ensure accountability.
  • Closing - After students return, you can run a quiz game with candy prizes with the remaining time, or you can have the students engage in the culturally significant pastime of trading Halloween Candy. Enjoy.