Halloween Lesson Plan

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Name of Teacher: Erin Dillon

Class/Grade/Language Level: Any; Best for ES 3rd Grade and Up

Textbook and specific lesson: Halloween

Goal: Teaching kids about Halloween through a brief presentation and fun games

Preparation: 15-20 minutes; powerpoint/posterboard for presentation, bananaman worksheet copies, wink killer cards

Class time: 45-50 minutes


Halloween Presentation

Make a quick 5-10 minute presentation to teach your kids about Halloween traditions and include lots of pictures.

Halloween vocabulary

Witch, Zombie, Ghost, Trick or Treat, and any other words you want them to learn

Janken Game

Zombie beats Witch, Witch beats Ghost, and Ghost beats Zombie

For gestures I use rock for zombie, scissors (just one finger, like they`re using their finger like a wand or like Sabrina the teenage witch) for witch, and paper for ghost

Depending on how long it takes to explain the new words for janken, I either do a simple janken tournament; or I use the `Bananaman` worksheet and change it to a vampire.

Bananaman Game


Explain that you will secretly choose eight people to be vampires/ghosts

Have all the kids close their eyes and/or put their heads on their desks

Quietly tap eight kids on the back

Introduce whichever sentence you`d like the kids to practice, for elementary school I usually use `Are you a vampire?`

Explain that the kids want to find the 8 vampires, they can do this by jankening their friends. Winners get to ask the question while losers must answer.

Give them about five minutes to go around the classroom asking as many people as possible

Wink Killer (Wink Murder)


Make cards (as in a folded over piece of paper, nothing` fancy) for everyone in your class, all but two should have `Player` written on them. The other two should be `Ghost` or `Killer` and `Detective` or `Police`.

I get the students to make a circle with their chairs and then pass out the cards and explain that they may look at their cards but they`re a secret.

I explain that there are three types of cards. Player, ghost, and detective. I tell them how many ghosts and detectives there are. I then call out the detectives to the middle of the circle.

The ghosts can kill any of the normal players by winking at them. When winked at the player must wait a couple of seconds and then dramatically drop to the floor.

Detectives only die if they wrongly accuse a player of being a ghost three times. (Sometimes, I change the rules so that anyone who is wrongly accused dies.)

You can set a time limit to get in as many rounds as possible or you can wait for either the detectives to figure out all the ghosts or the ghosts to win (by killing everyone or simply outlasting the detectives).

Notes: I usually make extra `Ghost` and `Detective` cards so that for some rounds the ghosts can outnumber the detectives or in classes with less genki kids you can pair up detectives to accuse people together or just to take the pressure off of being in the middle of the circle.

The nice thing about this game is you can make it as simple or as complicated as you want so it works for 3rd/4th grade and up.

This game doesn`t involve a lot of English practice on its own so you can either add in English for the kids or just use it as a cultural example of games we can play on Halloween.