Have fun with Numbers and Colours (1st and 2nd grades)

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Name of Teacher: Jeff Hsu

Class/Grade/Language Level: Lower Grades (1st & 2nd)

Textbook and specific lesson: no text;

Goal: Have fun with Numbers and Colours.


Class time: 45 minutes


Hokey Pokey or Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes or anything you like. I prefer songs that have more movement for the lower grades as they like to move and it gets them really warmed up.


Practice the numbers 1-10 by getting the students to repeat after you and add games like Karuta or the keyword game etc for extra fun while practicing the target vocab.


Sing “Ten Steps” and you can try different versions like having different actions for certain numbers instead of the number, walking forwards, backwards, sideways etc for the different sections etc.


Walk the Steps:

You can get the kids to walk the amount of steps as the number you shout out. Get them to walk around the classroom randomly. (You’ll find that a lot of them will just follow you around ^_^). Get into Groups: Another activity is to get the kids to get into groups of the number that you shout out. Anyone left without a group can perform a simple self intro or anything to your liking.


Practice the colours that you want to teach the kids. You could do Karuta or the keyword game like before if you want.


Touch the colour: As the name suggests, the kids just need to touch the colour that you shout out. Get them to touch the things around the classroom and try to get them to be creative instead of just touching things with multiple colours on it.

Colour Basket: It’s basically Fruits Basket but using colours instead. Choose how many different colours to use depending on the number of students. This is always a great game to finish the class on.

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