Have you ever?

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Teacher: Miyamoto sensei and Hamazaki sensei, Melissa Kirkland-Swann

Class/Grade/Language Level: High School 1st/2nd Grade

Goal: To have the students practice asking, ‘have you ever…?’ questions and responding appropriately. To practice speaking English.

Preparation: No preparation required, just use the attached handout.

Class time: 50 minutes

1. [5-10 mins] First review the grammar ‘I have been…’. Also include the negative form and never. They should already have studied this grammar before. Get them to repeat ‘I have, you have…’ to consolidate how the verb changes depending on the person.

2. [10 mins] Write some verbs on the board that you will be using in the lesson activity. Ask the students for the past participle form of each verb and check the meaning. If you have difficult verbs, ask them to repeat ‘I have OO’; ‘I have not OO’ and ‘I have never OO’.

3. [5-10 mins] Next move on to exercise one. The students have to use the grammar they just reviewed and put it into practice. They have 8 questions to finish. They must change the verb appropriately or select the correct option. Check the answers. 4. [18 mins] Explain the speaking activity. The students have 16 questions. They have to ask their friends the questions and find someone who has done each thing. If the student answers the question saying they have done the activity, then their name should be written in the box. In classes of 40 students, it is better if they find a different person for each question, but for smaller classes it is OK to write the someone’s name down twice. The attached worksheet has some example questions, but they can be changed to suit the ability of the students. Try to think of activities that not many students have done to force the students to ask the questions to as many students as possible. It is a good idea to check with the students beforehand if they have done some of the stranger activities such as climbing Mt. Fuji, or going to a foreign country. If no one has been, it’s always fun to lie to the students and tell them that one person has done the activity. They will really try to find that student and ask everyone. Also encourage the students to ask the teachers questions too – it’s interesting for the students to find out about you too. As an incentive to complete the activity, tell the students that the first 5 people to find someone who has done each activity will receive a small prize.

5. [2 mins] After finishing the activity, ask the students who has done the stranger activities and check with that person.