Hobbies and Interests (1st-year SHS/Vision Quest I, Chapter 2 and 4)

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Name of Teacher: Jonathan Dyer

Class/Grade/Language Level: 1st Year Senior High School

Textbook and specific lesson: Vision Quest I, Chapter 2 and 4. Relevant Vocabulary on Page 30

Goal: The purpose of this class is to encourage students to discuss their hobbies and interests in English, and to demonstrate to them some simple patterns of speech to follow when engaging in discussions of hobbies, such as asking why that hobby is interesting.

Preparation: Approximately 40 Vocab Sheets, Writing on the White Board

Handout: Hobbies and Interests Vocab Sheet

Class time: Approximately 50 minutes

1. Warm Up (10 Min): On the white board, write the question “What is fun to do?” The students should then compile a simple list of activities. First on their own, and then collectively on the board. If they know the English word, then they should be encouraged to write it. However, at this point the Japanese word is acceptable because we can translate it together as a class. This allows all the students the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the English names for different activities.

2. Activity Demonstration (5 Min): In front of the class and with the JTE, have the following dialogue (possibly with more questions/interactive flow based on the skill level of the class),

ALT:  “JTE Sensei, do you have any hobbies?”
JTE:  “Yes, I like to ________”
ALT:  “Oh, really?  Why do you like ________?”
JTE:  “I like ________ because _________.  What about you ALT Sensei, do you have any hobbies?”
ALT:  “Yes, I like to ________”
JTE:  “How cool!  Why do you like ________?”
ALT:  “I like ________ because ________.  Also, because _________.”

3. Ask the students about the content of the dialogue. Volunteers should raise their hands. STAMP TIME

4. Class Practice (10 Min): On the board, write several “scaffolding” phrases, and go through them together as a class. Say the phrases and have the students repeat after the JTE and the ALT once each. Include variations of phrases such as (“How neat!” “Wow, really?” “Sounds fun!” etc.)

“What do you like to do?”
“That sounds very cool, why do you like ________?”
“How long have you done_______?”
“Is it difficult to do ________?”

5. Pair Activity (5 Min): Students should form groups of two and ask each other questions about their hobbies.

6. Class Discussion (10 Min): Go around the classroom and have each student briefly describe their partner’s hobby.

“This is Toshi, he likes to play baseball because it is good exercise”
“This is Hana, she likes to do calligraphy because it is relaxing.”
“This is John, he likes to play video games because they are fun.”

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