Hoikuen/Elementary Halloween Lesson (ABCs)

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Name of Teacher: Robert George

Class/Grade/Language Level: Hoikuen (4-6) to Elementary

Textbook and specific lesson: N/A

Goal: Promote interest in American culture and interest in English

Preparation: Print-outs, Flashcards, Coloring Implements

Class time: 50 minutes


  • Class Greeting
  • Warm-up
-Using pictures from home, I talk about pumpkins, fall, and Halloween in the United States
  • Study
-I run through the alphabet using large, plain flashcards.
-Once through is usually sufficient, but I focus on and repeat the trouble letters (L, R, M, N, V).
-We practice the ABC song using a version from DreamEnglish.com.
  • Practice
-We play an alphabet game!
1. Relay Game:
-Students race to match a plain alphabet flashcard to a colorful/fun one, then bring them to me.
-It’s a relay game, so I usually have 4 teams.
-I make the students crab walk so they don’t run.
2. Memorization Matching Game:
-I show the students a letter.
-They must run to the other side of the classroom and find the matching colorful/fun flashcard.
-The teacher stands-by to help the students search for the right card.
-4 teams.
-3. ABC Karuta:
-No holds barred/bare knuckle.
  • Cool Down
-The students draw faces on paper pumpkins (that have “P is for Pumpkin” at the top), then color them in.
-Pro-tip: make sure the students have plenty of orange coloring implements (they’ll need them).