How Are You?

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Wiki Lesson Title: How are you?

Name(s) of Teacher(s): Nick Byrne

Class/Grade/Language Level: Kindergarten/ES Textbook and specific lesson

Goal: Be able to ask and answer the question ‘How are you?’

Preparation: Flashcards (big and small)

Class time: 30-40 mins

Review feelings and their corresponding gestures (they love gestures!!)

1st game – Choosing game

Spread the flashcards out on the floor. Give the students 5 seconds to run around and choose one of the feeling cards. When the students have stopped call out one of the feelings, and whoever is standing on the card called are out of the game. Repeat until one card is left. [Repeat as much as you want]

Practice the question ‘How are you?’ and the answer ‘I’m ______’ Then demonstrate this with the teacher.

2nd game – Janken Train

Students greet each other ‘Hello’ Ask the target question ‘How are you?’ Students answer ‘I’m____’ Play janken and the loser follows the winner by putting their hands on the winners shoulders. Play until you have one winner and a long line ES students. [Again repeat as many times as you want]

Finish the lesson off with a quick review of all the vocab and target question again.