How are you? Lesson 1

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Name of Teacher: Gracia Lee

Class/Grade/Language Level: ES 3rd grade Unit 2

Textbook and specific lesson: Let's Try

Goal:For students to be able to ask "How are you?" and also reply accordingly when asked

Preparation: Flashcards, music player, and space for running

Class time: 45 minutes

[5 mins]


Phonics song

Questions (Weather, Day etc.): The students don't need to be able to answer those questions at this stage but ask them anyway and have the students repeat the answers after you so they can slowly get used to this routine.

[5 mins] Introduce keywords (e.g. good, hungry, sleepy) with flashcards, but also using gestures.

[5 mins] Sing a song (e.g. Hello! by Super Simple Songs) and have simple accompanying actions. If necessary, replace some of the lyrics with the keywords from the lesson.

  • OR you could do this part with the digital materials from Let's Try 1 (videos and chants from page 6-8).

[10 mins] Telephone game + Gestures

Only the first row of students get to see a flashcard and have to whisper the appropriate sentence (e.g. "I'm tired.") to the people behind them after being asked, "How are you?" Students continue to pass on the message until it reaches the last player in line, who then has to do the correct gesture.

[15 mins] Game - Variant of "What's the time, Mr. Wolf?"

Students have to get from one end of the classroom (or gym) to the other, without being tagged by "Mr. Wolf" standing in the middle. They will ask the student(s) chosen to be Mr. Wolf, "How are you?", and then repeat Mr. Wolf's answer while taking a step forward. Once Mr. Wolf says, "I'm hungry," he/she is allowed to chase and tag the students who have yet to reach the safe side. The students tagged then go to the middle and play the role of "Mr. Wolf".

[5 mins]

Review keywords

Reflection time