ITAI!!! Game

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Name of Teacher: Melissa Barcellos
Class/Grade/Language Level: Nursery / Elementary School
Textbook and specific lesson: Body Parts
Goal: Practice names of body parts
Preparation: Blackboard, Printed band aids with magnets (sheet attached)
Class time:

Separate the students into 4-5 groups.

Have them stand at the back of the classroom in their groups.

On the board there are 4-5 bodies (1 body per group).

Each group has been provided with magnetic band aids (print off some band aid pictures, laminate, and stick some sticky magnets on the back).

One person from each group will go first. The ALT/JTE will say, “Ow! Ow! (or Itai! Itai!) My ______hurts!”

Students race to put a band-aid on the body part you said. You give points based off speed and accuracy.