I Know How To Janken

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Name of Teacher: Joel Marrinan

Class/Grade/Language Level: Junior High School 3rd grade

Textbook and specific lesson: New Horizon 3, Unit 4, Starting Out. "Know How To"

Goal: Students will practice using the grammar point "I know how to"

Preparation: Worksheet Handout: I know how to janken

Class time: 50 minutes

Lesson Plan:

  • Introduction

Greetings, day, date and weather.

  • Warm up activity

Reading and speaking from a previous lesson in the textbook. Janken to take different parts of a dialogue.

  • Demonstration

Before handing out the worksheets, the JTE and I will go through the skit 2 times and check the understanding of the students before the grammar point is explained. Please note that the demonstration is made up of several recently covered grammar points to try to increase practice and understanding. This section is to develop listening skills.

  • Explanation of the grammar point

The JTE will explain the grammar point in Japanese with assistance from myself. This will include the use of several flashcards to try to explain the various uses of the grammar point with different verbs and nouns.

  • Worksheet Activity: Hand out the worksheets

Reading of the demonstration - the students read and repeat to practice speaking.

Step 2 of the worksheet - Explain to the students the sort of responses that would be used with a positive and negative response to the questions asked in the grammar point. This helps them learn how to use the grammar point in both a question and answer format. Ask some students the same questions and get them to answer with a negative or positive answer to check understanding.

Step 3 of the worksheet - An explanation of the task is given. The students have 2 or 3 minutes to write answers to each of the 5 questions - this is to help practice both reading and writing skills. After that, the students have to ask these 5 different people 1 of these questions each and for each time a student answers they sign their sheet to show they have practiced that question.

  • End of the lesson

Collect the worksheet to check the answers given in step 3.

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