I want/I don't want game (grade 5)

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Name of Teacher: Julia Green

Class/Grade/Language Level: Grade 5

Textbook and specific lesson: Grade 5 lesson on "I want"

Goal: Demonstrate the use of and practice the form of "I want"

Preparation: none (assuming students are in their regular classroom with all of their belongings)

Class time: 10 minutes

This works best for the year 5 lesson on “I want” but I’ve found ways to make it work for all kinds of things. I stand at the front of the room and say “I want something blue, but I don’t want a pen.” The students then all scramble to find something that fits this description in their desk or in the classroom. Each time change the colour and the object. To make more challenging you can use more rare colours or make more restrictions as to what the objects can be ( e.g. “I don’t want scissors, a ruler or a pen.”)