Interview Bingo for Practicing “Like”

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Name of Teacher: Luna Howell

Class/Grade/Language Level: JHS - 1st grade

Textbook and specific lesson: New Horizon 1, Unit 3

Goal: To give students a lot of practice asking and answering questions with the verb “like” while having fun.

Preparation: Interview bingo printouts (see attachment)

Class time: 10〜15 minutes

1. After announcing that you will play interview bingo, roleplay with JTE to demonstrate how it’s played. Students are probably already familiar with the game, so it should be straightforward.

The basic script is:
A: Hello!
B: Hello!
(Optional) *Janken* to decide who goes first.
A: Do you like___________?
B: Yes, I do. / No, I don’t.
(If answer is yes, B signs partner’s sheet)
B: Do you like ____________?
A: Yes, I do. / No, I don’t.
(If answer is no, A doesn’t sign partner’s sheet)
A & B: Thank you. See you!

2. Have the students practice the questions and answers aloud by repeating after the ALT. Make sure that students can read all of the sections of the game, so that they can ask and answer the questions with ease.

3. Encourage students to ask the JTE and ALT as well as their friends. Students will likely be excited to get your signature!

4. Set the timer to 5 minutes or so, tell the students how much time you will give them, ask them to stand up, then start the game.

5. Once the game is over, you can ask them how many lines of bingo they got.

6. (Optional) You can give stickers to students with 1 or more.

Media: Interview_Bingo_for_Practicing_Like_.docx Media: Interview_Bingo_for_Practicing_Like_.pdf