Introduction to Halloween

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Name of Teacher: Boo the Ghost

Class/Grade/Language Level: High School, Low Level

Textbook and specific lesson: None


1. To learn about the history of Halloween

2. To learn new vocabulary related to Halloween, and to use it in writing

3. To experience a little of what Halloween is like, and to have fun!

Preparation: Download the presentation, and print out the worksheet. Buy some candy or stickers. Finding another Halloween related game or activity might be a good idea just in case there’s extra time after finishing the worksheet.

Class time: Could potentially take the full 50 minutes, but ran a little short when I tried it (around 40-45 minutes).

1. The entire presentation takes around 20-30 minutes

a. Intro/warm-up questions: 3-4 minutes
b. Introducing the monsters: 3-4 minutes
c. What monster am I? game: 4-6 minutes
d. Presentation about Halloween: 10-15 minutes

2. The multiple choice of the worksheet should take around 5 minutes or less.

a. Checking the answers: 1 minute

3. The writing and drawing portion of the worksheet can take up the remaining time (around 15 minutes)

a. Giving them candy also takes some time at the end

The presentation:

Halloween origins

1. Warm-up questions: Have you ever been trick-or-treating? Have you dressed up for Halloween? Do you celebrate Halloween?

a. ask individual students for their answers; can also talk about your own experiences

2. What scary monsters are seen on Halloween?

a. go through the monsters one by one

3. Let’s play a game! What monster am I?

a. explain the game: you will describe a monster. The students guess what it is.
b. the questions:
1. I am very old. I am white, or gray, or yellow-brown. I am Egyptian. I am wrapped in bandages. (I am a mummy.)
2. People call me a monster. I am made of many different parts. I am usually green. I am sewn together. (I am Frankenstein.)
3. I don’t like the full moon. I am furry. I am usually human, but I turn into a wolf once a month. (I am a werewolf.)
4. I am usually black. I make webs. I eat insects. I have eight legs. (I am a spider.)
5. I don’t like going outside in the morning. I don’t have any mirrors. I have pointy teeth. I like the taste of blood. (I am a vampire.)
6. I am dead. I cannot think. There are many movies about me. I eat people. If I bite you, you turn into one of me. (I am a zombie.)
7. I like wearing black. I can do magic. I usually fly on my broomstick. (I am a witch.)
8. I can be friendly or unfriendly. I am an image of a dead person. I am usually white and transparent. I haunt people, things, and places. (I am a ghost.)

4. Presentation about Halloween

a. slide titles: Where does Halloween come from?, All Saints Day, Halloween is an old tradition in Ireland and Scotland, Why is it called a jack-o’-lantern?, Jack-o’-lantern story, Other traditions, Trick-or-treating now in America, Other Halloween traditions

The worksheet:

Halloween origins

Hand out the worksheet after the presentation, and ask the students to get into groups of three or four. Give the students candy when they finish the writing and drawing portion.

Notes: One of my teachers wanted an explanation of why carved pumpkins are called Jack-o’-lanterns, so that’s why the story is in the powerpoint.