Introduction to Numbers

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Lesson Title: Introduction to Numbers

Name(s) of Teacher(s): Evan Fagan

Class/Grade/Language Level: 1st-4th grade Elementary School

Textbook and specific lesson: N/A

Goal: Students will be able to remember numbers 1-20 in English

Preparation: Laminated golf ball with magnets adhered to the back, small to medium-sized foam ball, stopwatch, laminated number cards with target numbers (1-20)

Class time: 50 min (but can continue to use the same games in successive classes, teaching more and more numbers)

5 min Greetings & warm-up (phonics/review last lessons vocab, etc.)

5 min Introduce target grammar with laminated flash cards (numbers 1-20), have students repeat after you

5 min “chants” and/or simple games (missing game, keyword game, quiz your partner game) using target vocab

15 min “Pass-and-Count” or “じゅんばんCounting” Game:

Give a foam ball to the student at one of the corners of the room, I start with a student in the front row on the far left of the room. This student says “one!”, then passes the ball to their left. The next student receives the ball from the first student, saying “two!”. The game continues like this (restarting after 20, if there are more than 20 students in the class), until the last student in the class receives the ball and says the next number in order. Time the class with a stopwatch and challenge them to beat their previous score. Change the order up and go in reverse order, or have the kids pass the ball in front/behind them.

15 min “Number Golf” Game:

Draw a golf club on the far left side of the blackboard, and a hole toward the middle-right of the chalkboard. Place the laminated golf ball next to the head of the club, and explain to the student that you are thinking of a number between 1-20. Ask them to take guesses by raising their hands. If the student’s guess is less than the number you are thinking of, place the golf ball before the hole in accordance with how much less the guess was from the answer (for example, if you are thinking of the number 15 and a student guesses 2, barely move the ball past the head of the club. If you are thinking of the number 15 and a student guesses 13, move the ball up to the hole, but not yet touching or in the hole). Give them a “par” goal, perhaps the first being a par 5 or 6, meaning they get 5 or 6 guesses amongst themselves to correctly guess your number. Lower the par gradually as they play more and more games. After the second or third game (you or the JTE thinking of the number every time), ask for volunteers to think of a number, or have the person who last guessed correctly try to think of a number and move the golf ball.

4 min Review the vocabulary one last time, having the kids repeat while showing them the flashcards, then having them say the vocabulary by themselves as you show the flashcards.

1 min Ending Greeting